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The answers in this meeting-test and the questions that may arise while youre taking it couldnt possibly be used for any kind of sociological research or as statistics. Keep going and youll be convinced that could never happen!

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  1. Question. Youve known something or someone for years. You suddenly decide to remember when and where the first time you met was. Which of the versions below will give you a buzz pleasant enough to make you want to share with someone the details of that first time; in which version will you decide that the memory is best kept a secret; which idea will make you stop thinking about the first time altogether and wish you never started remembering it in the first place?

      A. In an art gallery, at an exhibit of old masters
      B. In an art gallery, at a contemporary art exhibit
      C. Riding in a chair lift going up
      D. Riding in a chair lift going down
      E. Wandering aimlessly about a forest early in the morning
      F. Wandering aimlessly about a deserted beach at sunset
      G. I will not remember! No way!
      H. I could try to remember, under certain conditions
      I. Somewhere on the WorldWideWeb
      J. I cant remember
      K. Maybe it happened in a dream
      L. Add your own. If you like.

  2. Question. Would you consider the place you so fatefully met a symbol of your relationship? Do you think you could tell the fortune of your relationship by it? Which of the following elements could be interpreted as signs that might help you see into the future?

      A. Visual signs
      B. Chills all over your body
      C. Pleasant fragrances floating about
      D. Familiar or never-before-heard-of sounds
      E. A feeling of weakness in the heart, stomach, or knees
      F. Smiling or frowning passers-by
      G. Things happening in close proximity to where you first met
      H. Events occurring around the world when you met for the first time where ones that you learned about later from the media
      I. A gust of wind that flutters dandelion fluff all over the place
      J. A thought that crossed your mind and seemed to have nothing to do with what was happening at the moment

  3. Question. If you believe that the elements mentioned above can influence what may happen and you have magic powers that can change the past, which would you add or eliminate?

      Which do you prefer? Adding or eliminating?
      Believing or supposing?
      Do you believe that the smile of a cat can exist without the cat?
      Do you suppose its that way with people?

  4. Question. Do you look for reasons of consequence in your relationships? For instance, "who introduced you to so-and-so, who was responsible for how your acquaintance turned out"?

      Are you inclined to look for the reason of your happiness or unhappiness in the person who introduced you?
      Are you an inclined male or an inclined female?

  5. Question. Which of the following sounds better to you: "at night, the waves of the sea wash away the footprints people have made during the day" or "during the day, peoples footprints ruin everything the waves have been working on all night"?

      A. Are you a person or a wave?
      B. Do you prefer the expected or the unexpected?
      C. Do you prefer to remember or to forget?

      Make a list of favorite places, people, gestures, pictures, or words, beginning with the letters A, B, M, and V, and ending in your favorite sequence of vowels, consonants or nonexistent letters. Add you own letters if you like. Add up the amount of points in this test. If you wish, you can do the same with the commas, with the words or gestures that got left behind, and also with all the white feathers of birds you found along the way.
      Do you like counting things?
      Under what circumstances do you usually count?

  6. Question. If you dont do this test now, but, say, in a months time, how much do you think your answers will change? How about a year from now, or tomorrow? Do you think it matters if you do the test during the day or at night?

      A. Point out what you feel
      B. Dont point anything out
      C. Fill in your own Question 7
      D. Fill in your own Question 8

  1. Question. If you guess which person from this group photo will choose to become an artist, you will win one of this artists works.

  2. Question. Do you believe that if you send this test via e-m@il or snail mail to ten friends of yours in the next ten minutes, in ten days time all of you will be 100 times happier?

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