This exhibition of mine in the new Sofia art gallery *Pentimento *consists of works displaying new means of expression graphite and tears.

The works themselves were born in the aftermath of my last years exhibition in Varna, which was oddly named *Tsumadoi*. The name was used to signify the transmutation of love experiences into art, when ones object of desire is away, fading and begging for the hurricane of emotions to be temporary subdued.

A tear is just a drop, after its testimony, it dies evaporating or wiped away by the crying one or by somebody else. The tear is often compared to a pearl or to a drop of amber. I liken it to a diamond - the most successful form of carbon, created under high pressure and temperature.

These are diamond tears tears shed after sacrifice in the name of love.They can be real only if we are able to resist the blackmailing of the present; only if we choose the non-conductivity of the sustained past. It is only the tears shed untainted by anger, jealousy or greed that bear this possibility of diamond worlds, which will no longer diminish or grow.

We all are involved in this game between the two opposite forms of the great element carbon the soft, conductive and able to draw graphite, and the hard, shiny, non-conductive and abrasive diamond, symbol of Gods love (*dio-amando god-loving*).


Good evening.

I will be reading. There are some important things I want to share and I wouldnt like to miss anything. I have even written down this good evening thing.

So, not to omit it, good evening.

Since its been the first, and most probably the last time Im opening an exhibition, I will be talking long, in fact long after the exhibition has been closed.

I was thinking to start with the old joke about the mistaken speeches and begin by reading from some notes I wrote for the wedding of my friend, Kosta Andreev Lulchev. He divorced. He is very happy now. He took a pet dog. He also has a boat, which he hasnt used yet, as he has bad backache. Having nasty backache is quite unpleasant. Toothache can also be quite disagreeable, but at least you can have your tooth taken out. However, they cant take out your back, can they?

Anyway, lets not talk about my friend.

I consulted a friend, who is a seasoned exhibition openings speechmaker, and she advised me to avoid the trick with the mistaken notes. She had done it hundreds of times and she was even imitated in several blockbusters, such as *MyBestFriend`sWedding**, FourWeddingsand a Funeral**, * *PicturesatanExhibition**, *and the one with now cult status *The swapped notes. *Thats not what we are here about.

Dear newly wed, its been a day full of ups, a mistake.

When Angela phoned me at night, about a week ago, and asked me to open her exhibition, I was quick to say yes; pity she didnt call during the day. In this case, now I would be standing next to you and together we would be listening to somebody, who would have something reasonable to say. However, it was night. The stars above were blinking quietly oh, anyway.

Now I have to talk about Angela. Ive known her for quite some time; at first, I didnt know she was an artist and that I would find her to be a nice person. First, I realized she was a nice person and then the deer went past us. It was an inflatable deer and I can tell you more about it later, in private. It was only after the deer had passed that I found out about these works, and about many others. I actually stole one piece of her work and put it in a frame, because its beautiful.

It was again at night when Angela called me and asked me to photograph some of her works. And since the stars were quietly blinking above, I agreed immediately.

I was a photographer at the time; it was before I took up giving wedding speeches. The only weddings I havent delivered a speech at have been my own weddings. But I was always present.

So I was saying that I went to photograph Angelas works. They were in an attic. A chair was talking to a mirror; a little twig was having lunch; a hairbrush was staring at the clouds, and numerous hearts were scattered among the sand grains of the world and beyond the horizon of the world. When I was leaving I said, See you again. And it did happen. I saw her again. She called at night and I said I was going to visit.

This time I brought my daughter with me. I only had one daughter then. Thank God, since then I have rectified this mistake. Anyway, I was going to say something else. My daughter was very young and it was immediately clear that she candidly liked the things Angela had created. She said, I like them. Children dont lie. They only try to cover their mischief. Looking at Angelas things is not mischief; neither is liking them. Its only wrong not to like them. Then dont look at them. Now if somebody feels they are up to mischief, I beg them to leave.

As for those who still havent had a look around to see for themselves whats on offer, I advise them to trust the child.

Trust them!

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