I love you Koducheva, my beloved!

Exhibition graphics, paintings, ceramics, drawings by Angela Minkova in "Dega" gallery

11th - 16th May, Sofia, 96 Knyaz Boris I St. Opening: 19 pm - 21 pm.

    Epitaph for Petrarch`s Cat
    (Antonio Quarenghi, 17th century)
    "The Tuscan poet burned with a twin love:
    but yet his Laura was second to me.
    Why laugh? Her heavenly beauty was enough
    to make her worthy - so was my fidelity.
    She inspired verses and genius for his poems,
    which, thanks to me, were no cruel rodents` prey.
    Alive, I drove the mice from his sacred tomes,
    lest words be food when the master was away.
    Dead, I strike fear in those cowards just as well,
    my faithfulness still quick in this lifeless shell." *

Once - I don`t even remember how long ago - the art critic Bisera Yosifova said that I would always be like that fennec fox in the desert who wanted to be tamed by the Little Prince, but she personally never believed that a critic, artist, friend or any group of people for that matter would ever be able to drag me out from my "wild" state. She was right of course, although she was proven wrong.

Her name was Rumyana Koducheva. The sacred being who had stolen my heart lived with me, the imperfect one, for 24 earthly years. Unusual for an ordinary cat. But she wasn`t one. She was the "Sun Shien" of my life, that rare type of immortal beings - animal spirits or other supernatural creatures, which appear in terrestrial forms for a time, before returning to the world of spirits. In ancient Siam, today`s Thailand, where she came from, they believe that only spiritually elevated people, some Buddhist monks and noble persons are reincarnated as Siamese cats in order to help some chosen people, who, hopefully, are heading towards the same level of perfection.

She is my eternal beloved, my Moon diamond, my Muse, who endured my chaotic nature and did not yield to several, now lost in the realm of insignificance, "beloved". After the last drop of life trickled out of her present existence, five months ago, Koducheva headed into the light, leaving me behind with ever weaker and confused ties with this world. She left after all these years of incredible devotion, so that she can vouch for me on the other side, in front of the Supreme, for my deliverance from all levels of suffering with the hope of a better reincarnation. Lately, she has been appearing as a white dove, which you can notice in some of my works. I`ve always been in service to this deity who found me and honoured me with her presence on this side, and I believe on the other side as well.

She was the one who tamed me. I love you, my beloved Koducheva, for ever!

I don`t know whether she would forgive me the unimaginable eclectics surrounding you right now. Because she had witnessed my climbing on unknown paths in search of what had been lost. That`s why I leave my unmeasured exuberance to your mercy, compassion and forgiveness. Thank you for paying this respect to both of us.

* Превод James Owens

** According to the Vedas there are three levels of suffering caused, respectively, by the mind and the body, other beings or the forces of Nature.

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