Flirting with white

One woman show - Exibition - Angela Minkova

Ellinor house, 11 April 2018, 6.30 PМ - 9.30 PМ

The chosen ones, the Angels, the Assumption, the Transfiguration are depicted in white. The priests are clad in white, and so are the gods. White-clad are the swans.

Purity, fairness, innocence, beauty, nobility, light. The unity of all colours. In whiteness there are no roots. In whiteness there is no past. When it comes back to us again and again - this state of indifference and odd calmness - we call it sadness.

The first polar expedition went deep into the whiteness. They say, some lost their minds.

Black people`s traditions have white demons; white people`s horror stories have white ghosts.

White on white of Kazimir Malevich. The prince`s horse is white; white is the flag of those about to surrender. Carte blanche is an empty piece of paper; white nights are short and sleepless. The white canvass is the artist`s lurking horror.

Favorite of the few seeking perfection; colour of wisdom, revelation and gentleness. For some, it`s chastity and purity, for others - the colour of occultism and mysteries; pure, but stern. Non-material. Dictatorial. It`s colours-fatigue and then coming back to them again. Half of the world. White is the inexpressible Absolute.

That`s why, I keep flirting with whiteness. It`s the colour of genesis, dedication and fidelity. It does not like compromises; it denies, inspires, suggests peace and harmony.

Feel welcome to enjoy the pleasures and temptations of this unique graphics technique.

"White is white is white" continues in this exhibition of white embossing (prege) in Elinor`s House.

In ancient times the happy days were marked with a white pebble.

Join us to mark 11th April with a white pebble and a white embossing and porcelan.

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