"I Was Varna"

The "I Was Varna" Exhibition by Angela Minkova, with the courtesy of the: "Cultural and Recreational Complex Sea Casino Varna", "Muse Association Bulgaria", "Dreams Museum Balchik", "Accelerated Spritual Development Movement", "Unnamed DAO" and many other co-organizers will open its doors on 5 June 2018 at 19:00, at the gallery of the Cultural and Recreation Complex Sea Casino Varna.

In order to have "I Was Varna", "I Am Varna" must have existed before that. Once upon a time, back then, when my fire-spitting dragon hauled me headlong down the Bay and when the sea seemed not higher than my knees, driven by enthusiasm, I never suspected the danger ahead of me, stalking me. It is not by mere chance that Andrei Tarkovki`s main character is the shallow water. That is why, in an interview, when asked "What is love?", Tarkovski responded, "A Catastrophe". Not to be left behind that statement, I simply crashed in the Galata Bay.

Good thing is that Varna, a seaport, existing in the infinity of time, where time is always in demand, everything runs and transducers very swiftly. That is why the landing, arriving, sinking, crashing, staying and leaving happened swiftly, while provoking many-sided feelings of compassion, happiness and joy, pain and suffering. I needed urgent repairs and reanimation. Again and again, I seeked help without delay, from the paints, brushes and canvases. They all responded and unfenced, rearranged, reconstructed the different memories.

This exhibition is mixed, some of the pieces are based on old and new puzzles and thousands of morsels of my own flesh, created by a "crashed love". Back then, when I was Varna.

The exhibition will continue until the 19th of June. You are welcome to see it.

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