Illegal Beds an Angela Minkova show at the 1908 Gallery

It is in this mystic piece of furniture, the bed, this object of our all-night life covered with a sheet and with a blanket laid on top that our bodies, seemingly resting, set off in some direction or another every night.

Some of us are rapturous over this irreplaceable piece of furniture which others condescendingly call The Beggars Opera... But usually thats where we are conceived, thats where great books, poems, music is written; thats also where the formulae of benzol and insulin were invented as well as the periodic table of chemical elements all of them things we are so happy about when awake

This is where we lounge about, thinking; where we daydream and create images; where we roll and read, embrace beloved bodies, or visit our secret lovers before going to the bed called matrimonial... And there were times when double beds were mocked... In bed we eat and drink, we lie sick and die; that is also where we watch TV without thinking of death. There are beds weighing 1 ton; there are some adorned with 90 kilos of silver; there are water beds and beds with nails sticking up; there are others as large as 10 m2. One could come across beds of feathers, hay, cane, beds covered with plush, made of foam rubber, wooden ones, metal ones, with canopies or nave paintings... There are beds bad for your backbone or beds good for your sleep and soul. There are beds like swings or beds where 68 people can sleep at the same time. There are bunk beds, too. Socialism devised the corner beds. IN their bed John and Yoko spent a whole week! There were all sorts of famous beds, historical and hysterical, as well as innumerable, unknown, common, and legal ones.

But there are also beds illegal!

Those are the beds hidden from the common eyes and cannot be unravelled by mediocre thoughts they can make dreams come true, they know when and where to take us. They are dreamy, bottomless. They are the small boat that in the unknown moments chosen by Fate takes us to alien closeness and boring distances. They do not obey us. Those are the beds presented in this show outlawed beds.

The paintings are done with acryl but there are also photographs of beds caught unawares while resting in natural environments. And that is not all within the space of the show a real woman will be present who will be sharing thoughts while lying in bed. And as it doesnt go to have so many beds and not a single table, there will be one where the process of how all this was created will be shown...

The Illegal Beds project has been created especially for the new 1908 Gallery a new and very good place presenting our modern art. Lets make an end of common beds! Now youve got new ones, revolutionary, innovative, wish-fulfilling!

Please, come to Angela Minkovas Illegal Beds in paintings, photographs, and installation.

Opening on Thursday, 2nd July 2009, 19:00, at 1, Angel Kanchev str., Sofia.

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