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Contemporary Bulgarian Art


19 Selected Fata Morgana
paintings by Angela Minkova
June 14-30, 2007

I traveled all deserts
I mistook each oasis for a mirage
Horses and camels died on the road
Riding the wind, I am searching where you are
(tell me where you are)

The desert was modest. Not a trace of a noise there.
Only the wind rearranged as it chose – sands, stones, beings
And their hearts got into its empire.
Fata morgana are strange phenomena of an illusionary character,
They appear in vast solitary places. Their formation (appearance) is due
To some peculiar natural phenomena –
Which is only to prove that everything is natural.

Morgana’s main activity consists in misleading travellers
By means of unreal landscapes, emotions and associated beings
As well as by promising benefits to the travelers exhausted bodies.
The affiliated souls, thirsty for the Unusual, would go about with the bodies –
Often neglecting the wishes of the latter.

For this and other reasons, some people visit the deserts
In order to find and get rid of their temptations
(the most daring have even met their demons).
They would come back transformed. Some became gods.
Others gave to their people an example of how to forget slavery.
(Those impatient to witness the last will of God
carried away enthusiastic crowds).

I for one, carried away by those desert temptations that only visual art can offer, dare to show you 19 of mine risky attempts
To embrace and let down illusions
And to find happiness, so elusive.
For it is well known that happiness is built upon waste land
(at least this is what uncompromised hermits claim).

My promise to the viewers is that, without many a risky adventure,
They will be also able to find their road to Grace
And to beautiful representations, beyond symbolism and chaos.

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