There is a country that no one ever leaves ... Country in which space and time diverge as strangers, animals are smarter than humans and common sense and logic quietly sleeping under a rock across the sea of sleep. All are made of fairy tales, scary, funny and still believe in miracles!

They are like the mark of our series on the right shoulder and coming unknown gum where we bear years of his sole.

There is a place where magic is at home ... The Palace in Balchik! Unique place, created a unique woman. Queen, which is blended as a witch in their blood East and West in the religious faith of all time, resigned in the Baha`i teachings and in his works - all the love and the urge for beauty.

There is an artist, there is one Angela Minkova ... She walks us through the alleys of the Palace and talk to talk, and they are responsible for its meaning. Artist who painted the explosion of fantasy and so gives us lost in black and white fairy tale life essence. You could try to count how many cats crowned, how hard hearts, smiling or pink flowers in aquarelle kisses her there But remember that strange creatures from her imagination, but in the end our surprise!

The meeting with the magic and spirit of Missy starts at 18 pm on August 2, 2010, gallery "Quiet Nest" in the cultural center The Palace, Balchik.


Angel garden

North African voluptuous garden of Mary in Balchik: each stalk and branch, every detail is limestone solace in the sacrifice of the beloved granddaughter of Queen Victoria and the Russian Tsar Nicholas II ... A Romanian "queen of hearts," suffered enough emotional and national catastrophes, but kept bravery at a time when aristocrats are already dealing mainly with botany.

... And in his watercolor exhibition "Tales from the garden of the Queen, presented in August at the gallery" Quiet Nest "in Balchik chambers of Mary Angela Minkova fun with their love / us to this place. Her remarks to populated with religious symbols mystery plant are witty, playful - and sparkling bright. Instead of piercing heat here touch the cool pink haze of the past to the capricious beauty and coquetry cat. Actually cats inhabit watercolor on Minkova, give them a disturbing mystery ... thin and humor. Beat colors - and all of us associated for decades with the cult of this garden - prishtyava us to get behind them: in Nymphaeum to bridge the real desires for the throne. In loving samotuvashti images from Balchik tale of Mary.

... I look at the picture "Autumn there - and the heart to climb the stone maze, and again I feel life.

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